About Concision


My name is Ann Coleman and I founded Concision as an alternative to traditional law firms. I want to help small businesses launch, grow and overcome roadblocks by providing strategic assistance and coaching in addition to legal and regulatory services. Concision’s goal is to help small business owners get the legal and business assistance they need so that more of them succeed.

What sets us Apart? Concision:

(a) provides business services such as coaching, strategic planning and franchise assistance in addition to traditional legal services,

(b) uses client-focused technology which helps reduce overhead and allows us to charge legal fees equating to less than half those of large law firms’,

(c) offers fixed fees and subscriptions for most services, with hourly billing reserved only for certain situations,

(d) is mobile – we’ll meet at the most convenient location for you

(e) is a more comprehensive, convenient and reasonably-priced alternative to traditional law firms or business consulting firms

Photo of Ann Coleman Funder Concision

I’ve spent the last several years of my 20+ year legal career working as general counsel for small companies including a franchisor. In addition to my legal background I have many years of small business experience; I grew up working in my family’s businesses and have launched several small businesses of my own, beginning at age 20. Read more about me here.

Steve photoMy husband, Steve Coleman works with Concision as a business advisor after having spent years in numerous operational and business development roles with Fortune 50 companies as well as small privately-owned businesses. His mechanical engineering degree, technical knowhow, vast experience in operations, management and business development, along with a long list of resources and contacts will be a huge bonus for our clients. Read more about Steve here.